Плагин, который отмечает видео на YouTube.com просмотренными.

YouTube plugin that marks video watched for Google Chrome


I make for myself a plugin that do an elementary thing, — adds the inscription «WATCHED» on all videos that have been watched, including the pages of the channels.

I thought that it plugin can be useful for someone, so I decided to public it, enjoy:

Скачать: Install from Google Chrome Webstore
Скачано: 14, размер: 0, дата: 17.Сен.2017

This is my first browser plugin, so do not swear strongly (and my English).

Write a comments, without registration, even the name and mail do not need to enter.

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One thought on “YouTube plugin that marks video watched for Google Chrome

  1. It s fine when you re watching at the computer and you can just click skip, but viewing is evolving and it s not as though I can t find a great show on YouTube, sit back and watch it for a few hours these days.

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